Adult Classes

Rick Hall’s Tiger Martial Arts offers classes structured specifically for teens and adults. This traditional martial arts training emphasizes respect and courtesy but teaches powerful kicking, striking, and blocking techniques. Beginners are in a separate small group with a personal Instructor just for that group so everyone feels very comfortable with the curriculum. You go at your own speed and pace but you do get an excellent workout.


The stress relief and mental focus that traditional martial arts are known for makes this training unique in the exercise world. You will be with just other beginners so you will feel very comfortable. No matter what your physical condition is today, you will find the students and Instructors supportive and ready to help you succeed. We are here to help you change your life. The best way to experience what we have been teaching here for over 30 years is to contact us for a free introductory class.


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We would love to tell you about our program.